WinterCamp 2013 behind us

Last weekend, February 7-10, Turbacz Mountain held the fourth edition of winter training WinterCamp. The weather was good – mild frost and snow were perfect conditions for 105 attendees. The target was the same for everybody – learning safe winter mountaineering. This year’s special guests of the event were mountaineers King Baranowska, Darek Zaluski, Tamara Stys and rock climber Adam Pustelnik.

55 tents pitched in the snow platforms, 20 snow caves and 105 participants of the event is the result of WinterCamp – the largest winter camping training in Poland. Almost all of the participants spent these three nights sleeping outside the shelter in tents or cavities. Each day and night, mountain rescuers ensured safety together with instructors from Polish Outdoor Group association, which was the organizer of the event.


Trainings and practice are the most important part of WinterCamp

During the trainings participants gained the necessary knowledge that will help them prepare their mountain trips in advance. The most important part of winter camping on Turbacz was field practice and practice. Participants practiced for example first aid in winter conditions or preparing an emergency bivouac. They also learned how to prepare for their trip in difficult winter conditions, but also when avalanches occur and how to navigate safely in dangerous terrain. Mountain Rescue Lifeguards conducted courses on basics of avalanche search. Everything was done to avoid future dangerous situations in the mountains, because there is a high need of consideration, knowledge, and elimination of threats.

WinterCamp participants also learned how to pack properly, choose equipment and clothing. It was also a chance to learn about the latest technology used in outdoor equipment. They could practice ascending with climbing crampons and ice axes, walking with snowshoes, but also navigation with the use of both map and compass and GPS devices. The ability to read maps and use of a compass seems to be out of date, but htese are still key basics of safe mountain tourism.

The innovation in this year’s edition were held by Adam Pustelnik table-boulder games, which attracted a lot of interest and clearly showed that the participants of WinterCamp are often keen amateur rock climbers.

Special guests of WinterCamp 2013

An integral part of the bivouac were meetings with travelers. On Thursday, participants had the pleasure of hearing the presentation of climber Adam Pustelnik and Piotr Smurawa – musher and sled dog trainer. On Friday, mountaineer Kinga Baranowska and explorer Wojtek Grzesiok won the hearts of the audience while Darek Załuski and Tamara Styś presented videos of their expeditions in the Himalayas on Saturday.

WinterCamp 2013 ended on Sunday. The diplomas were given to all the participants together with prizes in the form of outdoor equipment for those who took part in a morning game field and received the best results.

See you back on Turbacz next year!

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