Wintercamp 2014 behind us

Recently, January 30th – February 2nd 2014, Turbacz Mountain held the fifth edition of winter training – WinterCamp. Despite not the typical winter weather – mild frost and a few snow, more than 120 attendees took part in the trainings and lectures.

Everyone had the same target – to learn safe, winter mountaineering. To help to reach this each day and night, mountain rescuers ensured safety together with instructors from Polish Mountaineering Association and Polish Outdoor Group – the main organizer of the event. Every participant spent those 2 nights sleeping in tents or the snow cave located in the special basecamp.


During the trainings, participants gained the necessary knowledge that will help them prepare their mountain trips in advance. The most important part of winter camping on Turbacz despite theoretic trainings was field practice. Participants practiced first aid in winter conditions or moving in snowshoes. They also learned how to prepare for their trip in difficult winter conditions, also when avalanches occur and how to navigate safely in dangerous terrain. Mountain Rescue Lifeguards conducted courses on basics of avalanche search.

This year’s novelty were skitour courses, which were also conducted by qualified instructors.

Everything was done to avoid future dangerous situations in the mountains, because there is a high need of consideration, knowledge, and elimination of threats.

This year, for the first time ice climbing wall was built, so that participants could practice climbing with crampons and ice axes. Special presentation and training was held by Michal Krol – Polish traveler and ice climbing specialist.

WinterCamp participants also learned how to pack properly, choose equipment and clothing. It was also a chance to learn about the latest technology used in outdoor equipment. This year many new technologies were presented. Participants could see how to use the hydrogen charger, inflatable tents or avalanche backpacks with snow airbags.

Integration and Special Guests

WinterCamp couldn’t take place without popular table boulder contest. It was not the only integrative element of camp. Attendees took part in many other competitions, where they could win attractive gadgets founded by Wintercamp’s partners.

The integral part of Wintercamp are evening meetings with Special Guests. This year’s edition guests were famous travelers and mountaineers.

Peter Hamor – Slovak climber and mountaineer, Wojtek Grzesiok – Traveler and Polish Mountaineering Association representative, Krzysztof Wielicki – legend of polish mountaineering and Michal Krol presented their impressive feats and journeys, which were quite motivating for all attendees.

5th edition of Wintercamp traditionally ended up with a terrain game that checked all skills presented during the trainings. At the end special certificates of participation were given to all attendees.

WinterCamp 2014 couldn’t be organized without the support from Partners and Sponsors: WSB Schools of Banking, Regatta, The North Face, Columbia, Brain Inside, Feel Free, Woda Góry Las, Projekt 77, VMG Outdoor Sports Marketing, Salewa, Nordhorn, ABS, Polartec, Heimplanet, Brunton, Dynafit.

See the whole 2014 gallery and the video summary from the 5th edition.

Thank You and see You next year!

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